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Progress as of February 12th, 2008

Image:IMG 1781.JPG

This is looking down on the North Summit switch. This and the next four photos show the land form construction in progress in the Wicopee area. Corrugated cardboard bulkheads with heavy duty 2" masking tape create the basic forms. Plaster cloth will be put over the top of this to create the final shell. I'm anal and I like the control that the cardboard bulkheads give me. I can create precise profiles in tight spaces using this method.

Image:IMG 1785.JPG

This is the South Portal of Tunnel #20. This is a dead ringer for the prototype portal and one of my pride and joys of this section of railroad. For comparison I included a picture of the real one taken by Joel Ashcroft.

Image:IMG 1786.JPG

This view is looking North over the Wicopee area. Tunnels 19 & 20 are in the distance. The vertical surfaces will become rock faces or concrete retaining walls.

Progress as of March 15th, 2008


The tape shell is complete in Wicopee. This will be covered with plaster gauze, and a thin layer of plaster over that, to form a very durable shell to plant lots of Heki trees in. Rock outcroppings will fill the voids around the tunnel portals.


The first cardboard webs are in place across Summit Siding and Tunnel #3. You can see the old water tower positioned up the hill. Once used for steam locomotives, now it is used for replenishing the tunnel sprayer tank cars for their trip back to Oakridge. Highway 97 bridge is in the distance.


This shows the Judkins / Downtown Eugene area with Grain Millers to the left. Eugene's Amtrak station will be located to the right rear of this photo. (The prototype station would be to the right front. This did not work out on the model as passengers would have to cross the yard lead to board the train on the main track. I opted to put it back over on the siding to get Amtrak off the main and better safety for the passengers....)

image:YM Station.jpg

This shot is looking North down the yard throat at the very busy-looking Yard Masters work station. At Ralph Hougeson's request (He worked this job our last session) I built car card boxes out of .080 plastic sheet. Now he won't have to wreck his back using the shelf below to organize his work. They will hold 30 waybills in each pocket and will hold cards not only for the classification tracks, but also for the Arrival / Departure, Main track and Yard lead. There are two pockets left open for whatever may come up. Thanks go to Paul Grayless for the "extra" boxes idea.

Progress as of March 22nd, 2008

Image:Summit Overview.JPG

You are looking South at Tunnels 4 & 3 in the foreground. 2" masking tape covers all of the landforms in this area. It is now ready for the plaster cloth hard shell. A note about Summit Siding: In order to have a siding "up in the hills" I had to compromise and have double track portals thru four of the tunnels. The prototype has all single track tunnels. The area on the layout between the Salt Creek Trestle and Chemult is a series of mini scenes I have taken from the prototype and grouped together in one section of the layout.

Image:CP535 looking South.JPG

This is a closer view of the South Summit Switch at CP535 and the old water tower on the hill side. The Highway 97 Bridge is in the distance.

Image:Hwy 97 Bridge Side by Side.JPG

This shows the modern Highway 97 overpass North of Chemult I scratch built. The real bridge spans 182' while The model span is 90'. All other dimensions, right down to the size of retaining wall blocks, are in perfect scale with the original. (The prototype bridge replaced an older one and is currently the longest prestressed concrete beam, single span bridge in Oregon.)

Progress as of April 13th, 2008

Image:8504 South crossing the Trestle.JPG

An SD-70MAC leads UP 8504 South across the Salt Creek Trestle on its' ascent up to the siding at Cascade Summit.

Image:Willamette River Crossing.JPG

This is the newly intalled plate girder bridge crossing the Willamette River between Fall Creek Junction and Dougren on the Prototype.

Image:Hampton - Summit Overview.JPG

This is a birds eye view of the progress to date showing the Hampton area on the left and Summit on the right.

Image:Oakridge - Wicopee Overview.JPG

Another birds eye view showing Oakridge on the left and the Wicopee block on the right. Next step: Plaster cloth.....

Progress as of May 26th, 2008

Image:IMG 1961.JPG

Looking North from atop the Chambers street overpass. Plenty of activity at the Eugene Yards today. The Belt Line Freeway bridge can be seen in the distance.

Image:IMG 1966.JPG

The 105 freeway overpass and Grain Millers are in the foreground. Chambers street overpass can be seen in the distance.

Image:IMG 1944.JPG

Looking at the South Portal of Tunnel 24. The old "Daylighted" Tunnel 23 is in the background.

Image:IMG 1949.JPG

Looking South around Tunnel 24 at the Hampton Bridge Crossing of the Willamette River.

Image:IMG 1927.JPG

Looking at the South Portal of Tunnel 19.

Image:IMG 1932.JPG

Standing at the South Summit Switch looking North at a new rock cut.

Image:IMG 1935.JPG

The South Portal of Tunnel 4 is being prepped for the Rock / Snow Shed soon to be placed here.

Image:IMG 1938.JPG

The Relay shed at CP537 was destroyed in a recent derailment at the South Switch of Cascade Summit. My wonderful friends were thoughtful enough to save the station sign off the shed for me. It is now displayed above, well, Cascade Summit!

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