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2008 Convention Tour

For those of you who could not make it for the 2008 Convention Tours I have put together a snapshot tour of what everyone got to see when they were here. It was a great success and I was so thrilled to see those of you who did get a chance to stop by. April did traffic control in the dispatch office while Sean Miles kept the trains rolling. April & I had over 150 visitors from all over the globe; Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Australia, Maine, Florida, Oregon and elsewhere. It was a great experience for everyone involved.


This was the display that we had in both the LDSIG room at the convention and at the layout. On the top was a map of the prototype and below was a large version of the track plan. On the wings were matching photos of the model vs. prototype.

Image:IMG 2132.JPG

This is the first thing that visitors saw as they entered the layout room. Coyote Mountain greets you as you come through the door. No slide on this one though!

Image:IMG 2134.JPG

Here is a mock-up of the main Yard Office / Tower in Eugene. It's a bit large, but it's just a place holder for now.

To give this little tour some interest we are going to follow SP8110 South out of Eugene Yard. It is a Bare Table train headed for the ICTF in Long Beach, California.

Image:IMG 2114.JPG

Our Crew exits Eugene Yard on the Main Track and passes under the Chambers Street Overpass. The track on the left is abandoned.

Image:IMG 2116.JPG

We are now passing the 646 Crossover. This allows access to all of the Classification tracks in the Yard from the Main Track. It is used only used as an alternate means to get trains into & out of the yard if things get busy. A graffitied Autorack Train sits in the Judkins Siding waiting for us to pass.

Image:IMG 2135.JPG

I thought I would add a few photos of the warehouses. They are the first of my cardboard mockup buildings. I am constructing these as quick & simple structures to determine the feel of the scene and as "place holders" until the structures can be made with styrene later on. The shapes are kept boxy-simple and can be constructed very quickly. I made all three of these in about an hour and a half. They are made from picture mat-board. I bought them from michaels in the framing department. One sheet will make a lot of these buildings.

Image:IMG 2136.JPG

Here's an end view of one of the warehouses. Quick & easy.

Image:IMG 2118.JPG

Back to our Southbound Crew; We're passing under the 105 Freeway Overpass.

Image:IMG 2120.JPG

At CP645 we pass the head end of the Autorack Train in Judkins Siding. Those cars on the left are for the Central Oregon & Pacific, bound for Medford on the Siskiyou Route. The Interstate 5 freeway is in the distance. This would be "Springfield Junction" on the prototype.

Image:IMG 2122.JPG

On the other side of the Willamette River Bridge in Glenwood we are approaching the Hold Signal at CP633.

Image:IMG 2126.JPG

This is CP600 near Hampton. This will be the site of a series of Defect Detectors. This would be the counterpart to the prototype one at the entrance to Natron Siding. I will have a series of "situation" cards located here. One of them will have a suprise for a train crew. Say a 1 in 15 chance something is wrong with a car in the train - to be set out at the next town for repairs....

Image:IMG 2127.JPG

Our train snakes up the banks of the Wilamette River and crosses over it at the Hampton Bridge.

Image:IMG 2129.JPG

As we exit Tunnel 24 we see our long train of cars in the distance.

Image:IMG 2130.JPG

As we approach the North Fork Road we see the old abandoned Tunnel 23 off to the right. A victim of the High Cube Double Stack era, this tunnel was "Daylighted" in 1996 in favor of lowering the floor of the tunnel & notching the roof as was done on the other tunnels on the line.

Image:IMG 2062.JPG

As we pass under the Crestview Overpass in Oakridge we are entering the small yard there.

Image:IMG 2063.JPG

Our train glides precariously over the Salt Creek Trestle. Highway 58 crosses directly under the lead locomotive.

Image:IMG 2067.JPG

Exiting Tunnel 19 we head over one of the many streams on "The Hill".

Image:IMG 2070.JPG

Out of Tunnel 20 we cross Noisy Creek as the Headlights reflect off the rails.

Image:IMG 2077.JPG

CP537 is the location of the North Summit Switch. This is one of the NJ International Signal Bridges.

Image:IMG 2084.JPG

Here we are exiting Tunnel 4 and the site of a future rock shed. the concrete retaining wall is already in place.

Image:IMG 2089.JPG

As we blast out of Tunnel 3, the last one on the subdivision, we cross Trapper Creek Bridge. We are nearing the South end of Summit Siding here.

Image:IMG 2091.JPG

Here we pass the old water tower on the hill. This is one of the many memories of steam in the Cascades. There is a similar one still left on the prototype at Cruzatte Siding. I am using this one to reload the Tunnel Sprayer Cars before their trip back to Oakridge. The one at Cascade Summit was torn down many years ago, only the foundation still remains.

Image:IMG 2094.JPG

Here our crew passes under Highway 97 and passes a few box cars set out for interchange with the BNSF at Chemult Junction.

Image:IMG 2096.JPG

Our train passes the signal guarding the South end of CP503.

Image:Koester Picture JPEG.JPG

Mark Lestico discussing the Cascade Summit Scene with Tony Koester, Editor of Model Railroad Planning. (Picture taken by Joe Fugate)

Joe Fugate did a review of the layouts on the LDSIG tour. This is a clip from that review: The rest can be found at: Thanks Joe!

The text of the article: Later on in the morning, we made it to Mark Lestico's N scale UP Cascade Subdivision - a prototype area somewhat near to my heart since it's the SP mainline route that relegated the Siskiyou Line (the area I model) to secondary main status. I have a fondness for other Oregon rail lines, and Mark's done a fantastic job with his N scale depiction of the prototype. Mark's been diligent to post updates on the LD SIG wiki for his layout, including perhaps 100 photos of the layout under construction. Mark's layout follows many LD SIG best practices - the layout uses a linear walkaround design with minimal duck-unders. Mark has placed the layout shelves nice and high off the floor at about chest height, which shows off N scale quite nicely. The layout shelves are narrow (24 inches or less), with everything within easy reaching distance. Working on and operating Mark's state-of-the-art layout should be a total pleasure! Not only has Mark done his homework on layout design best practices, he's completed the layout and room to a very high degree of finish. By the way, that's Mark standing in the photo on the left, and that's none other than Tony Koester coming around the penninsula on the right to congratulate Mark on a layout design and construction job well done!

This ends our little tour. I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, there will be more to come later!

You Tube Video Tour of the Cascade Sub

For those of you interested in a Video Tour of the Cascade Sub I have produced a four part series that shows the majority of the layout while rail-fanning a Northbound stack train out of Roseville. The video is set to some contemporary music which makes for an enjoyable experience. The videos can be found at: [1] More videos will be added to YouTube as time permits. I am working on "Helicopter Ride over the Cascade Sub" and should be on line sometime mid October 2009.

I want to thank everyone for their interest in this project. Construction of the actual layout began on 11 November, 2006 and since then this site has enjoyed over 17,000 hits to date. I could not have achieved what has been done in this short time without the encouragement and support everyone has given me. Model Railroading is truly the greatest hobby.

"There is no known cure for an obsession with trains"

Mark Lestico, Whittier, California

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