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Here is an assembly of Photos that Operator Otto Kroutil was kind enough to take, documenting the session we had on October 20th, 2012. Enjoy!

Image:Craig & Mark.JPG

Craig Martyn from BLMA Models is working the Klamath Falls Local Job while Mark Lestico and Otto Kroutil (Taking photo) perform a train meet on the Siding & Main tracks.


Mark Lestico taking a break between duties and watching the traffic pass under the Interstate 5 freeway in Eugene.

Image:Grade Crossing.JPG

ES44AC "GEVO" UP5542 Overtakes the Beech Street grade crossing while an Oakridge resident patiently waits in their Mercedes C230

Image:Noisy Creek.JPG

Another new "GEVO" leads a train across the Noisy Creek Bridge in the Cascade Mountains.

Image:Oakridge Bridge.JPG

A brace or Union Pacific power exits Tunnel 22 Northbound and approaches the North Fork Bridge on it's way to Brooklyn Yard in Portland.

Image:Oakridge Signal.JPG

The "Home Signal" at CP582 displays a "Stop" aspect while a train approaches the North Fork Bridge on it's way to Eugene.

Image:Oakridge Tunnel.JPG

UP5542 North exits Tunnel 3 in the Cascade Mountains

Image:Rock Shed Entry.JPG

A GEVO approaches the rock shed at Tunnel 4 headed North

Image:Rodney & Ray.JPG

(Left to Right: Ray Eiser, Rodney Ziebol and Mark Lestico). Rodney waits on the Main Track in Springfield while Otto Kroutil (Taking photo) meets him heading North on the Siding.

Image:Summit Rock Shed.JPG

UP5542 North lights up Tunnel 5 in what looks like a foggy morning in the Cascades. (Great shot Otto!!!)


UP5542 North blasts out of Tunnel 5's rock shed at Cascade Summit.

Image:Tunnel Exit.JPG

Our train exits the North end of Tunnel 24 displaying the early portal craftsmanship given to this line in those early years when it was called "The Natron Cutoff".

Image:Tunnel Exit Closeup.JPG

Yikes! This was probably a little too close! Some UP engineer is not happy with this shot....


Rounding a curve at Wicopee.

Image:Wicopee Closeup.JPG

Another photo that raises the hair on the back of your neck!

Image:Mark2mod copy.jpg

Heres a Southbound SD70ACe crossing the North Fork Bridge on it's way into Oakridge.

The following photos are from my Android Phone camera. Low quality but you get the idea....


UP5460 North passes a "Clear" aspect home signal at Chemult Junction with Highway 97 overpass in the distance.

Image:Craig & Otto.jpg

Here is Craig Martyn (BLMA Models) looking on as Otto Kroutil (Right) and I have a "meet" in Klamath Falls.


The two Hoppers on the right are being switched out of the Grain Millers silos by the Yard Job (Ron Sipkovich) while a freight passes in the distance under the 105 freeway Southbound.


Klamath Falls is a busy place during an Op-Session! The BNSF Interchange track on the left has cars spotted for the next UP local. A Northbound UP Freight on the Main Track meets another headed South on the siding. The Propane Tank cars on the right are waiting to be unloaded at the Ferrells Fuels tracks. Cars are parked at the Amtrak Depot in the foreground and you can barely see the signal bridge at the South end of town thru the guard rails of the 6th Street Overpass.

Image:Otto & Ray.jpg

Otto Kroutil double checks the positions of the switches ahead of his Northbound freight passing thru Springfield on the Main Track while Ray Eiser patiently waits on the Siding for his turn to proceed Southbound.

Image:Rodney & Joel.jpg

Rodney Ziebol and Joel Morse work the Oakridge Local Job. The Church on the Hill and the Crestview overpass is in the foreground.


UP4841 South passes thru downtown Eugene on the Siding Track while the Yard Job switches Grain Millers on the Lead behind the Amtrak Station in the foreground.


When they say; "The Yard on a Model Railroad is like the Kitchen, It's where everyone likes to hang out." They were not far off! You can't tell me these guys aren't having fun! Everyone is waiting on Ray Eiser to get his Import Stack Train off the Main Line in Roseville so that Craig Martyn and Otto Kroutil can get their power swapped over to their next train and get out of town on schedule. Left to right: Craig Martyn, Otto Kroutil, Ron Sipkovich (Back right) Ray Eiser and Joel Morse (Off Camera right).

Image:North Springfield.jpg

Here is the Springfield Local power passing under the North Springfield Signal Bridge. Two of these modern aluminum style bridges were made of brass tube & rod and took about 40 hours each to build. (Total insanity was not far off.) Ray Eiser was kind enough to solder the wires on the Digitrax Signal Heads and I assembled & installed my "dress up" kits over the top of them. Ray also attached the wires under the layout to make them work once I had the bridges together. This took two evenings worth of labor. They do look awesome when finished!!!

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment. It has been quite some time since my last posting. Work is very demanding of my time lately...


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