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Trying something new here. I have not done anything on the wiki before. I just wanted to say that this is a really great layout although I prefer steam or transition era layouts. Its validating for such a nice layout to be built in Nscale. You have really gotten a lot done in a short amount of time. I guess I need to get off the Internet and finish my bridge so my trains can get around my layout. Thanks for posting; L&N nut Jon R. Gearhart

Why Oregon?

Question: Although I understand your love of trains, I'm not sure why you want to go back to your childhood in Oregon. You have a great history of the rail in CA. Why don't you build your model based on your area?

Answer: I chose to model Oregon because of the gorgeous scenery it provides and the memories that have stayed with me over the years. There is just something about these massive trains moving through and around rocks, trees, cliffs and creeks that is fascinating to me. Besides, it is easier to populate hillsides with trees than it is to build hundreds of structures to line the right of way! I did give the SoCal area some thought, but my heart was in Oregon so that is what I went with. I am glad I did, no regrets.

Response: I appreciate your response. Oregon is a beautiful part of the country and the scenery is much nicer to look at as well as create as you mention. Your article is excellent on all counts. If I wasn’t already fascinated by the railways, your work would draw me into the world of trains.

Definitely a Work in Progress

Question: It looks like you've added more to your article since the first time I viewed it. Is it going to continue to be a work in progress? Should I mark my calendar and come back for updates?

Answer: This article is a "diary" of sorts. I will continue to not only add more pictures as time goes by but will be updating the content as well. I thank you for your kind words and your interest in this project. My goal is to inspire, educate and learn more about this greatest of hobbies.

Difficulty with Scenery

Question: I just had a chance to re-read your article, I think I may have missed part of page two the last time I checked in. I am certainly a novice in comparison to you and your crew. You've done an amazing job in creating your layout in it's entirety so far. One of the areas that I have difficulty with is scenery. I'm not terribly crafty or skilled, yours seems to look so natural, almost real. Do you have any tips or suggestions that you would be willing to share?


Answer: You probably did not miss much, I do change things up fairly frequently. Thank you for the nice compliments but I am far from being an expert! 8-))

For scenery I would suggest the Kalmach book: "How to build realistic model railroad scenery" by Dave Frary. I use many of these methods in my scenery building. If I had to pick out just one suggestion or "tip" to give you.... Variety is the 'spice' required to make scenery believable. Vary the hues of your colors when using paints or ground foams or anything you use to create your scenery. Study photos of your favorite scenes and see how there is subtle varieties of colors in the picture. THIS is what makes the scene so believable.

I hope this helps and good luck on your modeling efforts!


Response: It's been awhile since I've had time to peruse your article again. Life is busy! I enjoyed the updates and the hints on scenery. I will check out the book you recommended. Maybe I'll post a pic or two one of these days as I improve.

Let's see more

Question: Hi there, I think this is a "Great Layout" in design and in reality. Good to hear you have had Joe Fugate and Mr. Koester there. Your efforts are watched worldwide, my case in Australia. Hope your layout is featured more in the press. - David Head.

Answer: There is an extensive 20 page article in the LDSIG's most recent "Layout Design Journal" #39 about the Cascade Subdivision. This article contains much more dialog and an expansion of the ideas laid out in this short wiki page. If you don't subscribe, back issues are available for purchase. The LDJ is published 3 to 4 times per year and is a fascinating publication to read if you are at all intersted in the science of designing layouts. Thank you for your interest and the kind words.


Video Series

I fininshed producing a four part video series recently that shows the bulk of the layout in December of 2008. The series highlights a Northbound stack train out of Roseville and is set to contemporary music. The series can be found at: More videos are in the works, including a "Helicopter Ride over the Cascade Subdivision" which should be on YouTube sometime in mid October '09.

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